1pcs Luxurious Hamster House


Material: Composite Wood


A: Chain Swing:

Size: Chain: 12cm Board: 9x7x0.5cm Color: Blue, Pink, Green, White

B: Stair Cot:

Size: 14x8x9cm Color: Pink, Green, Blue


Size: 13.6x10.5x7cm Color: Blue, Pink, Green

DLadder and Slid

Size: 16.7x16.5x13.5cm Color: Blue, Pink, Green

ELadder and Slid House

Size: 16.7x16.5x16cm Color: Blue, Pink, Green

F: House

Size: 17x15.5x15cm Color: Pink

G: Colorful Roof Villa

Size: 17x15.5x14cm Color: Pink

H: Villa Belvedere

Size: 15.5x15x14cm Color: Pink



1PCS x Wood Hamster Toy(Need to assemble by youself) 129 (2)9 (5)9 (19)9 (21)10 (2)10 (3)10 (4)10 (15)3 (3)3 (9)3 (10)3 (18)4 (1)4 (4)4 (8)4 (17)6 (3)6 (8)6 (15)280g212029-2212029-37 (2)7 (3)8 (1)8 (2)8 (3)

Collections: Small pets

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